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General Books about Belarus, including its History

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Note: Any Cyrillic Belarusian on this page (and any accented Latin characters) are in Unicode (UTF-8) font encoding.

Although some of the books listed here discuss the Belarusian people in many countries, a section of this Web site, Belarusians in the USA, provides information about books that specificially discuss the diaspora in the USA.

The 1863 Uprising in Byelorussia: "Peasants' Truth" and "Letters from Beneath the Gallows," Byelorussian Institute of Arts and Sciences, The Krecheuski Foundation, New York, 1980. Text and commentaries by Jan Zaprudnik and Thomas E. Bird. [71 pp.; 15 cm x 23 cm; 6" x 9"], Library of Congress Card Catalog No.: 80-65533; Call Number: PG2834.4.K95 1980

Adkyl' Nash Rod, Uladzimir Arlov, Published by Batskaushchyna, Mensk, 1996, with the financial help of the Belarus Soros Foundation. In Belarusian (Cyrillic; kirylicaj), 108 pages, ISBN 985-6026-12-1. Copies Printed: 5,000.

Archives: Belarusian Democratic Republic, Shupa, Siarhiej (general editor). Belarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences, Inc. (bibliographic series no. 4); Belarusian Literary Association; Nasha Niva, 1998; printed in Lithuania. Minsk, New York, Prague, Vilnius. Volume 1 -- in two books: book 1, 1-850 (866 pages; some unnumbered); book 2, 851-1722 -- includes index; some illustrations, maps. ISBNs: book 1: 9986-9219-2-9; book 2: 9986-9219-3-7; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 98-70449.

Асветнікі Зямлі Беларускай: Энцыклапедычны даведнік; «Беларуская Энцыклапедыя», Мінск, 2001; (496 pages) -- some illustrations. ISBN: 985-11-0205-9.

Belarus, prepared by the Geography Department, Lerner Publications Company, Minneapolis, Minn., 1993. Series editors: Mary M. Rodgers, Tom Streissguth, Colleen Sexton.

Belarus (Cultures of the World), by Patricia Levy, Benchmark Books, 1998; ISBN: 0761408118, (library binding: approx. $40 US).

Belarus: A New Country in Eastern Europe, by Uladzimir Novik; English translation by Ales Kudrautsau; Prepared at the initiative of the international association, Belfrance, Technalohija Publishers, Mensk, Belarus, 1994; 66 pages. Call Number: DK507.23 .N68 1994.

Belarus and Moldova: Country Studies, Federal Research Division. Library of Congress. Edited by Helen Fedor. Research Completed May, 1995. Illustrations, maps, bibliography; 254 pages. First Edition, First Printing. 1995?   1996?

Belarus: At a Crossroads in History, by Jan Zaprudnik, Westview Press, Boulder, CO, 1993, ISBN 00-8133-1749-0 (pbk.); Westview Press is currently a division of Harper Collins (to order: 1-800-822-4090)

Belarus at the Crossroad, edited by Garnett, Sherman W., and Robert Legvold, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; February, 2000; ISBN 0870031724 (pbk.)

Belarus Secret: The Nazi Connection in America, by John Loftus; Nathan Miller (Editor.) Knopf Alfred A, publisher; January 1982; 196 pages; ISBN 0394522923 (Hardcover). (British edition: Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, 1983).

Belarus: A Denationalized Nation, by David R. Marples, Harwood Academic, New York, 1999; pp. 139 (w/index & map); ISBN: 9057-02-3423; Call Number: DK507.54 .M314x 1999.

Belarus: From Soviet Rule to Nuclear Catastrophe, by David R. Marples, St. Martin's Press, New York, and Macmillan, UK, 1996; pp. 179 (w/index & map); Call Number: DK507.73 .M37 1996.

Belorussia: The Making Of A Nation, a case study, Nicholas P. Vakar; in the series, Russian Research Center studies, number 21; Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass, 1956; 297 pages. Call Number: DK507 V3 [Also: 947.6 V22B].

A Bibliographical Guide to Belorussia, Nicholas P. Vakar; in the series, Russian Research Center studies, number 22; Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass, 1956; 63 pages. Call Numbers: DK507.A12 V3 and Z 2514 W5 V3.

Belorussia: Under Soviet Rule, 1917-1957, Ivan S. Lubachko; University Press of Kentucky; Lexington, Kentucky; 1972; 229 pages. maps. 24 cm; Bibliography: p. [193]-209; Call Number: "DK507.8 .L8" and "947.6 LUBACHKO".

Byelorussia: Historical Outline, Ivan Kasiak. "Historical materials collected, reviewed and prepared for publication by Ivan Kasiak. Translated from the Byelorussian language by Clarence Augustus Manning, Prof. Emeritus of Columbia University in New York City." Byelorussian Central Council. London, UK. Welshpool Printing Company; Welshpool, England; 1989; 346 pages.

Byelorussia's Independence Day, March 25, 1918: Documents, facts, proclamations, statements, and comments, Byelorussian-American Association, Brooklyn, New York, 1958. 77 pages, illus. Call Number: 947.6 B991b

Byelorussian Statehood: Reader and Bibliography, edited by Vitaut Kipel and Zora Kipel, Byelorussian Institute of Arts and Sciences, New York, 1988, Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 88-70081. Call Number: DK507.73 B94 1988

Contemporary Belarus: Between Democracy and Dictatorship , by Elena Korosteleva, Rosalind Marsh, and Colin Lawson. 256 pages; RoutledgeCurzon; ISBN: 0700716130; 1st edition (December 2002), (hardcover; approx. $90 US).

The EU and Belarus, by Ann Lewis (Editor). 244 pages; Kogan Page Ltd; ISBN: 1903403022; (October 15, 2002), (paperback; approx. $30 US).

Fragments from the History of Byelorussia, to 1700: Material for historical research and study on the subject, Ostrowski, Roslaw. Byelorussian Central Council, 1961. 102 pages, illus., Call Number: 947.6 Os7f

Historical Dictionary of Belarus, (European Historical Dictionaries, No. 28); Jan (Ia) Zaprudnik / Hardcover / Published 1998; 300 pages; Call Number: DK507.37 .Z37 1998. Published by Scarecrow Press, Landham, Md.; Publication date: May, 1998; ISBN: 0-8108-3449-9; approximate list price (1998): $55 (US). Available from the publisher: 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, MD 20706, USA, Tel. (800) 462-6420, and from 4 Pleydell Gardens, Folkestone; Kent CT20 2DN, England.

The Journal of Byelorussian Studies, Journal of Belarusian Studies, 1965-1988, 19 volumes, published by the Anglo-Belarusian Society, Great Britain. Articles on Belarusian literature, linguistics, history, and art. Each volume of the Journal also included book reviews, a chronicle of current events, and a comprehensive bibliography for the preceding year.

Kurapaty: Articles, Comments, and Photographs, with an introduction by Zianon Pazniak; 1994, Technalohija Publishers, Mensk, 180 pages; ISBN 5-85700-149-8.

Nationalities Papers, Volume 27, Number 4; December, 1999. Association for the Study of Nationalities (USSR and East Europe); Editor-in-Chief: Dr Nancy M. Wingfield; 28 cm. Quarterly; Charleston, Ill. ISSN Print 0090-5992. Call Number: DR 24 N37.

Out of the Fire, Adamovich, Ales', and Yanka Bryl and Vladimir Kolesnik; Progress Publishers, Moscow (English translation, Progress Publishers, 1980). Call Number: D 802 S 752 B 941513

Purism and Language: A Study of Modern Ukrainian and Belorussian Nationalism (1840-1967), Paul N. Wexler; in the series, Language Science Monographs, Research Center for the Language Sciences, Indiana University Publishers, Bloomington, 1974); 446 pages. ISBN 87750-175-0.

Revolution from Abroad: The Soviet Conquest of Poland's Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia, Gross, Jan Tomasz; Princeton University Press, 1988. 334 pages, includes index; footnoted; some illustrations, maps. ISBN 0-691-09433-0; Call Number: DK 4415 G76 1988; also Call Number: 943.8053 GROSS

Sons and Stepsons of Belarus, edited by Symon V. Barys, Sarheu V. Tarasau, Henadz A. Laneuski, and others; Polymya Publishers, Mensk, 1996. 416 pages; some illustrations. ISBN 985-07-0026-2; Print run: 4200 copies.

Soviet Blitzkrieg: The Battle for White Russia, 1944: The Soviet general staff study, edited by Walter S. Dunn,Jr; January, 2000; ISBN 1555878806 (library binding). Available through: and other booksellers.

Ten Centuries of Belarusian History, (Дзесяць Вякоў Беларускай Гісторыі)   by Belarusian historians Vladimir Orlov and Gennady Saganovich. In Cyrillic Belarusian (У. Арлоў, Г. Сагановіч -- 2000)

Zhivopisnaya Rossiya: Litovskoye i Belorusskoye Polesye; by Semenova, P. P.; re-published by Belaruskaya Entziklapadiya Publishers, Mensk, 1994; originally published in 1882 in St. Petersburg and Moscow by Izdanik Knigoprodavtza-Tipografa M. O. Vol'fa. 498 pp.; ISBN: 5-85700-165-X.

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