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Belarusian Music Books (or about it; most are in English)

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Antalogiya Belaruskaow Narodnaow Pesni, Compiled with commentary by G. Tzitovich, Belarus' Publishers, Mensk, 1975. 616 pages, In Belarusian (kirylicaj, Narkomovka). Print run: 6,500 copies. no ISBN

  • Title in English: Anthology of Belarusian Folk and Popular Songs.
  • Quite a well-researched appearing work. Extensive bibliography; alphabetical song-title index; and index by chronological period/geographical area/theme (e.g., love songs, songs of western Belarus, songs of WWII, etc.). Most recent chronological period included is the "post-war period."

Church Music of Belarus: 985 - 1995, Belaruskaya Kapela publishers, Guy de Picarda, Miensk, 1995; 66 pages, illus. and with musical notation; in Cyrillic Belarusian.

  • Царкоўная Музыка на Беларусі: 985 - 1995, Гай дэ Пікарда, Беларуская Капэла, print run: 500 copies; ISBN: 985-6293-01-4.

Belarusian Folk Songs and Dances, Arranged for bayana, accordian, and two chromatic harmonicas. Edited by E. P. Tumas; Belaruski Knigazbor Publishers, Mensk, 1998; approximately 140 pages; ISBN 985-6318-18-1; print run: 1,000 copies.

  • Section of music followed by lyrics at back of book. Folk songs, with music notation. In Belarusian (kirylicaj, pa-belarusku).

Belarusian Rock 'n Roll: Texts (Belaruski pok-n-rol: teksti), lyrics to songs by Bonda, Krama, Mroya, Novaya Neba, and Ulis; Kovcheg, Ltd., Publishers, Mensk, 1994. 64 pages, In Belarusian (kirylicaj, Narkomovka). Print run: 2000 copies. ISBN 985-6056-03-9

  • Produced by Kovcheg, Ltd., a firm that produces a wide range of music and spoken word recordings (mostly cassettes, a few audio CDs).

Of Mermaids and Rock Singers: Placing the Self and Constructing the Nation Through Belarusan Contemporary Music, (Current Research in Ethnomusicology: Outstanding Dissertations) by Maria Paula Survilla. PhD Dissertation available from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor; April, 2000). 192 pages. Routledge; ISBN: 0415940141; hardbound book with CD (samples of songs) edition (July 2002).

  • Also available from, July, 2002 (approx. $70.00 [US]; shipping approx. 3 to 4 weeks within USA).

      Note: If you order through (for this or other books, etc.), please order using the link on the "Belarusians in Great Britain & Ireland" Web site so that they receive a small percentage of the sale (nothing is added to the prices we pay):

Pesni Belaruskava Paazerya, Mazheika, Z. Ya., Akademiya Navuk Belaruskaya SSR, Mensk, Mavuka i Texknika, 1981. [489 pp., 13 cm by 21 cm; 5.5" x 8.5"], Call Number: M 1766 B94 P4 1981.

  • Folk songs, with music notation, from the lake district in the north of Belarus. In Belarusian (kirylicaj, pa-belarusku).

Music and Identity: Byelorussians Making Music in North America, Survilla, Maria Paula. Masters thesis available from the University of Michigan.

  • Maria Paula Survilla is presently completing her PhD dissertation in ethnomusicology on Belarusian rock music, based on research done in Belarus in 1993. Ms. Survilla is currently teaching at the University of Northern Iowa (Department of Music).

The Prism of Rock, by Martynienka, Vitaut, and Anatol Mialhuj, published in Belarusian (Praz Rok-Pryzmu) by BINIM, Belaruski Instytut Navuki i Mastactva, 1989.

  • Introduction in English by Maria Paula Survilla.

Rocking the State, (Rock Music and Politics in Eastern Europe and Russia), edited by Sabrina Petra Ramet, Westview Press, 1994.

  • Contains a chapter about Rock Music in Belarus, by Maria Paula Survilla.

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