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Sources about Censorship and the Media in Belarus

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  • Refer to Some Recent Major Examples of Censorship in Belarus

  • Also refer to ProMedia   (info at this Web site) for information about a program in Belarus set up to develop professional, independent print and broadcast media in Belarus.

  • Also refer to Independent Press: Freedom and Responsibility, published by the Belarusian PEN Center, for a very interesting collection of articles about journalism in Belarus today; published in 1996; dual language, Belarusian (or Russian, depending on the author's preference) and English.

  • Also refer to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus in English, 1994, at web sites at Cornell University, USA, and in Germany.

  • Also refer to the OMRI Analytical Brief -- Censorship in Belarus

      3 May 1996, Vol 1, No. 93, by Ustina Markus. One of several OMRI Analytical Briefs dedicated to the topic of Belarus. OMRI, of course, being one of the best on-going resources in English (and Russian) about Belarus.

  • Also refer to the OMRI Analytical Brief -- How Free Is the Media in the CIS?

      3 May 1996, Vol 1, No. 95, by Laurie Belin (with contributions from Liz Fuller, Dan Ionescu, Roger Kangas, Ustina Markus, and Bruce Pannier). One of several OMRI Analytical Briefs that includes the topic of Belarus. Also see OMRI.

        "In Belarus, President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has created one of the most repressive environments for journalists in Europe. In October 1995 three independent newspapers were banned, two of them are currently printed in Lithuania and smuggled over the border. More recently, the government banned live TV and radio coverage of a 26 April demonstration against an agreement signed earlier that month forming a new community between Russia and Belarus."

  • Also refer to News Sources about events in Belarus and especially the Glasnost Defense Foundation News Articles   in Russian, CP 1251/MS Windows.

  • One World Online
      Interesting links, especially to censorship around the world. Use search tool for entries related to Belarus. The periodical Index on Censorship, January, 1996, issue includes two articles on Belarus: "Chernobyl: Once and Future Shock," and "Belarus: Nation in Search of a History."

  • Index on Censorship
      "Index on Censorship was founded in 1972 by Stephen Spender with the goal to protect the basic human right of free expression. For the past 25 years, Index has reported on censorship issues from all over the world and has added to the debates on those issues. In addition to the analysis, reportage and interviews, each Index contains a country by country list of free speech violations. These lists remain as extensive today as they were in the early days of Index."


    • Country by Country Index of Free Speech Violations Around the World, including in Belarus

      Belarus-related articles at this site (from January, 1996):

      • Belarus: Nation in Search of a History by Vera Rich.

      • Children of Chernobyl writings by children who had lived within the zone of high radiation.

      • Chernobyl: Once and Future Shock A liquidator's story, by Mikhail Byckau   "liquidator" in this context refers to those people who participated in the clean up of the Chornobyl nuclear accident.

      • Belarus: Nation in Search of a History   by Andrew Wilson. Andrew Wilson is a member of the Post-Soviet States in Transition Programme at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, UK.
          What appears to be the least objective and thus the least interesting of this series of articles, the author does not seem to care about the connotation of the words he chooses to use (footnotes or no footnotes). The most disappointing of the Index on Censorship articles.

  • Freedom Forum: Belarus
      Looking to the future: A survey of journalism education in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. A Freedom Forum report published September, 1994.
      • Belarus: "Belarus appears to be moving backward in time, not forward, and even stands on the verge of rejoining Russia."

  • Can the Media in Belarus be Independent?

      CivNet An Internationl Resource for Civic Education

      Centers for Pluralism Newsletter No. 9, Summer 1995

      Published by the Warsaw Center For Pluralism (CfP) Institute For Democracy in Eastern Europe.
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