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Belarus: Country, Culture, & People in Crisis!

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I don't have the time to summarize everything that is taking place. Please read the latest news & commentary about Belarus in English & Belarusian:

RFE/RL's Belarus News ,     Charter 97 News & Opinion ,     Belarusian Review ,     BelaPAN News ,     Radio Racyja ,   and even more sources. . .

Note: This is section of the A Belarus Miscellany Web site, to make it easier to find factual, accurate, information about the various ways the Belarusian people, language, culture, independent state, etc., are being threatened today. If you only read and believe pronouncements of the Belarusian dictatorship, you will have no idea what is taking place in Belarus!

Belarus is undergoing a very serious crisis, make no mistake. If you are not already aware of the overwhelming, multiple ways that Belarus is being threatened, the links that follow should help make that clear.

The Lukashenka regime, having taken total control of Belarus, is using one factor to give a fake "legitimacy" to its totalitarian rule of Belarus: time. The longer it is allowed to control Belarus, the further Belarus is in debt to Russia, the more the intellectual and cultural leaders flee Belarus, and the more Belarus becomes impoverished. . . .


Belarus Post-"Election": Dictatorship continues. . . .     The Virtual Guide to Belarus' Web page about the Belarusian Presidential Election (September 9, 2001)


Belarusian Language -- Essentially Banned in Belarus!

Crime and Punishment (sic)

The Belarusian Opposition

"Disappeared" Belarusian Leaders & Media Representatives

Also refer to information at the following Web sites: We Remember. . .   and   The Belarusian Free Theatre

New Tactic(?): Abduction of, & Threats to, Belarusian Opposition Activists

As the following article shows, there appears to be some new tactics taking place in Belarus. Together with being imprisoned on trumped-up charges, not being allowed to travel, being kicked out of university, losing one's "stipend", losing one's job, and being forced to serve in the armed forces, the young activists of Belarus appear to be the focus of whatever is taking place in Belarus. . . .

Belarusian Leaders On Trial and/or Jailed

"The European Union calls for an 'immediate stop of criminal show proceedings conducted for clear political reasons against members of the opposition.' "   (Source: BelaPAN, No. 45; Friday, May 12, 2000; 9:20 p.m.)

Other Prominent Belarusians Who are Harassed, etc.

Belarusian Leaders (and others) in Exile

Lawsuits, etc., against the Lukashenka Regime

The Belarusian Constitution & Government

The Belarusian Economy

Information Access

Belarusian Health & Health Care

The Chornobyl (Chernobyl) Disaster

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