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The Belarusian Diaspora in Poland

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  • Organizations

    • Belarusian Democratic Union
      • President: Al'eh Latyszonak

    • Belarusian Information Center   Warsaw, Poland

        Established by the Supreme Soviet of Belarus, June, 1999, and created under the direction of Stanislav Shushkevich. Note: I only have preliminary information and will add new information as I receive it.

        Director: Alena Stralkova


  • Monthly Magazine: Epoch   Warsaw, Poland

    • WWW:

    • Established June, 1998. Belarusian language, monthly political magazine; circulation 1000-1200 copies. The Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza assists in its publication. The magazine has a color cover and up to 100 photos. It is distributed in Belarus through TBM, BNF, libraries.

    • Follow link for sample covers and contents pages (in Belarusian): Epoch.

    [ Masthead: 'Niva' newspaper ]

  • Weekly Newspaper: Niwa   (   Bialystok, Poland

    • For Belarusians in Poland. Updated every Tuesday by noon [Polish local time (GMT+1)]. For the Web edition, selected articles from the current print issue of the newspaper in HTML format, full issue of the newspaper in Portable Document Format (Acrobat Reader Plug-In ver. 3.0 or higher necessary).

  • Magazine: Pravincyja   Bialystok, Poland

    • WWW:

    • First issue, January, 2000. Pravincyja is a literary magazine intended to present the contemporary Belarusian literature and art that are produced primarily beyond Minsk, Belarus.

    • Web version includes highlights of the print version. Periodical is in Belarusian (Cyrillic), but some content on Web site is also in Polish and English.

  • See Books about Belarusians in Poland

  • See News Articles about:

    • Belaruski Knihazbor publishes collection: Belarusian Writers of Poland (August, 2000).

    • The Third Convention on Culture and Education of Belarusian Communities Abroad (Bialystok, Poland, July, 1998).

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