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Embassies & Related Offices

Note:   I no longer have regular access to information updates about Belarusian government officials (since 2000). If you see errors or omissions, or if you have accurate updates, please contact me . (thanks!)

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Embassy of the Republic of Belarus, Washington, DC, USA

    [ Photo: Belarusian Embassy, Wash., DC ]

    Mikhail Khvostov   Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to USA and Mexico   (former Belarusian Foreign Minister)

    Former Chief of Mission: Ambassador Valery Tsepkalo (from May 14, 1997 until ?, 2003)

    • An example of what he did while in Washington: write letters defending the Lukashenka regime. How much truth and how many lies can you find in the following: Re: Belarus No Bully   (Letter to the editor, The Washington Post, April, 2000).

      Former Chief of Mission: Ambassador Sergey Nikolayevich Martynov [info from 1994; Nov., 1995; also spelled "Syarhei Martynan"]

    (Chancery at:) 1619 New Hampshire Avenue NW     (near Dupont Circle)
    Washington, DC 20009

    TEL: (202) 986-1604

    FAX: (202) 986-1805

  • Official Belarus Embassy in Washington, DC Web page

  • Diplomatic Staff, as of Summer/Fall, 2002     Information from US State Department Web site

    Mikhail Khvostov   Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to USA and Mexico   (former Belarusian Foreign Minister)

    Mr. Sergei A. Rachkov; Mrs. Maria V. Rachkova -- Counselor (Charge D'Affaires ad interim)

    Mr. Sergei M. Didenko; Mrs. Olga Y. Didenko -- Counselor

    Mr. Aleksandr K. Khmurets; Mrs. Miraslava Khmurets -- Counselor

    Mr. Andrei V. Andreev; Mrs. Valeria Andreeva -- First Secretary

    Mr. Valery Kavaleuski -- First Secretary

    Mr. Sergei V. Skvortsov -- First Secretary

    Mr. Viktor Saverchenko; Mrs. Olga Saverchenko -- Second Secretary

    Miss Elena Sergeeva -- Second Secretary (Consular)

    Colonel Aleksandr V. Korbut; Mrs. Olga Korbut -- Defense, Military, Naval & Air Attache

Consulate of the Republic of Belarus, New York, New York, USA

    708 Third Avenue, Suite 1802
    New York, NY 10017

    TEL: (212) 682-5392

    FAX: (212) 682-5491

United Nations Office in Belarus (including UN Development Programme)

    Contact information:

      Street Address: 6th floor, 17, Kirov str., Mensk, Belarus

      Mail PostBag: 220050, G.P.O. 103

      Phone: 375 (17) 227-8149, 227-7971, 227-4876

      Fax: 375 (17) 226-0340


      Internet homepage:

      UN Resident Coordinator: Neil Buhne

      Contact: Sergey Opanasets

U.S. Embassy in Mensk, Belarus

Embassy of Great Britain & Northern Ireland in Mensk

    British Ambassador to Belarus: Ian Kelly   (former: Jessica Pearce)

    Address: 37 Karl Marx Street   220030 Minsk, Belarus

    Telephone: (375) (172) 105-920/1
    (375) (172) 292310 Visa Section (Recorded Information)

    Fax: (375) (172) 292-306   (375) (172) 292-311

    Visa Section E-mail:

    Office Hours (GMT):

      Summer: 0600-1000 / 1100-1430
      Winter: 0700-1100 / 1200-1530

Embassy of Bulgaria in Mensk

Embassy of China in Mensk

European Commission Delegation to Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine

    Head of the European Commission Delegation to Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine: Ambassador Andre van Haeerebeke     (based in Kyiv, Ukraine; previous ambassador: Louis Moreno)

Embassy of France in Mensk

    French Ambassador to Belarus: Bernard Fassier

    Pl. Svabody, 11     (11, Place de la liberte)
    Mensk 220030

    TEL: 375.
    FAX: 375.

Embassy of India in Mensk

Embassy of Lithuania in Mensk

    Lithuanian Ambassador to Belarus:   Jonas Paslauskas   (previous: Viktoras Baublis)

    68 Zakharova Street   (new location and telephone numbers, September 25, 2000)
    Mensk 22???

    TEL: 375 (017) 285-24-48 (general)
    FAX: 375 (017) 285-24-49 (consular)

Armenia's Ambassador to Belarus: Suren Arutyunyan

Austria's Ambassador to Belarus: Franz Cede   (Presented credentials on June 9, 2000.)

Bulgaria's Ambassador to Belarus:     see details, above

Cambodia's Ambassador to Belarus: Ross Kong   (Presented credentials on Dec. 21, 1999.)

Canada's Ambassador to Belarus:   (Canadian ambassador to Poland is also accredited as the country's ambassador to Belarus)

China's (mainland) Ambassador to Belarus:     see details, above

The Czech Republic's Ambassador to Belarus:   ( ? )

Estonia's Consul General to Belarus: Jaanus Varu

France's Ambassador to Belarus:     see details, above

Germany's Ambassador to Belarus: Horst Winkelmann   presented credentials, May 26, 1998; previous ambassador had been Gottfried Albrecht

India's Ambassador to Belarus:     see details, above

Iran's Ambassador to Belarus: Ahmad Sadeg-Bonab   (as of November 12, 1999; & he is also Iran's ambassador to Ukraine)

Iraq's Ambassador to Belarus: Mustafa Abud al-Duri   (as Charge d'Affaires; November 16, 2000)

Israel's Ambassador to Belarus: Martin Peled-Flex   (previous Charge d'Affaires: Amir Ofek)

Italy's Ambassador to Belarus: Giovanni Ceruti

Japan's Ambassador to Belarus: Minoru Tamba   (he is also ambassador to the Russian Federation; presented credentials, June 9, 2000)

Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Belarus: Vladimir Alesin

Kyrgyzstan's Ambassador to Belarus: Rysbek Kachkeyev   (presented credentials, August 23, 2000)

Latvia's Ambassador to Belarus:     ?

Lebanon's Ambassador to Belarus (and Russia): Boutros Assaker   (presented credentials, August 23, 2000)

Lithuania's Ambassador to Belarus:     see details, above

Madagascar's Ambassador to Belarus [& Russia]:   Victor Nelson Andriamanohisoa   (presented credentials, January 4, 2001)

New Zealand's Ambassador to Belarus: John Larkindale   (a new one presented credentials, April 28, 2000 ? )

Poland's Ambassador to Belarus: Mariusz Maszkiewicz   (as of June, 1998; previous ambassador: Ewa Teresa Spichalska)

Portugal's Ambassador to Belarus: Jose Gomes   (The first Portuguese ambassador to Belarus; presented credentials on Dec. 21, 1999.)

The Romanian Charge d'Affaires to Belarus: Leontin Pastor

The Russian Federation's Ambassador to Belarus: Valery Loshchinin

Spain's Ambassador to Belarus: Jose Luis de Vega   (presented credentials, April 28, 2000)

Switzerland's Ambassador to Poland & Belarus: Paul Andre Ramseyer   (Note: He is based in Warsaw.)

Turkey's Ambassador to Belarus: Sule Soysal   (presented credentials, March 27, 1998)

Turkmenistan's Ambassador to Belarus: Ilya Veldzhanov

Ukraine's Ambassador to Belarus: Anatoly Dron

The United Kingdom's (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) Ambassador to Belarus:     see details, above

The United States Ambassador to Belarus:     see details, above

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's Ambassador to Belarus: Milorad Radevic   (presented his credentials, Oct. 3, 2000; former ambassador, Nikola Pejakovic, left in late August, 2000)

Belarus' Ambassadors to Other Countries

Note: See also the Embassies section

  • Ambassador-at-Large: Nina Mazai

  • Ambassador-at-Large: Vasily Sholodonov   (current ambassador ?)

  • To the United Nations: Sergei Ling (appointed: August 11, 2000; presented credentials, Sept. 26, 2000 (he had been Prime Minister); had been: Alyaksandr Sychou)

  • Permanent Representative to NATO: Vladimir Labunov   (first person so appointed, March 24, 1998; he is also Belarus' ambassador to Belgium)

  • To Argentina: Vadim Lazerko   (appointed: Oct. 8, 1999; also appointed as ambassador to Chile and Uruguay -- January 24, 2000)

  • To Austria (and Vienna-based International Organizations, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)): Viktor Gaisyonok,   (appointed, May 19, 2000; had been Valentin Fisenko)

  • To Bangladesh: Aleksandr (Vladimir ? ) Sokolovsky   (appointed, Dec. 18, 1999; presented credentials, February,2000; also ambassador to India)

  • To Belgium: Vladimir Labunov   (he is also Belarus' permanent representative to NATO)

  • To Bulgaria: Aleksandr Gerasimenko

  • To Canada: Mikhail Khvostov   (appointed to also represent Belarus to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), although Belarus is not an official member: Nov. 4, 1999)

  • To Chile: Vadim Lazerko   (appointed: Jan. 24, 2000, as well as to Uruguay; also appointed as ambassador to Argentina--Oct. 8, 1999)

  • To China: Vladimir Rusakevich   (appointed: July 21, 2000; presented credentials August 31, 2000)

  • To Estonia, Finland, and Latvia: Aleksandr Gerasimenko

  • To France: Vladimir Senko

  • To Germany: Vladimir Skvortsov   (appointed: Sept. 3, 1999; presented credentials: mid-Oct. 1999)

  • To Hungary: Andrei Yevdochenko   (appointed, November 24, 1999)

  • To India: Vladimir Sokolovsky   (Sokolovski)   (appointed, March 13, 1998; presented credentials, June, 1998; also ambassador to Bangladesh)

  • To Iran: Leonid Rachkov (appointed, February 5, 1998)

  • To Iraq: Igor Syrets (as Charge d'Affaires; appointed, September, 2000)

  • To Italy: Natalya Drozd   (appointed, February 5, 1998; presented credentials, early May, 1998)

  • To Japan: Piotr Kravchenko   (appointed, January 19, 1998; presented credentials, late April, 1998)

  • To Laos and Thailand: Oleg Chekunov   (appointed: Oct. 8, 1999)

  • To Libya: Aleksandr Derevyashko   (appointed: Oct. 24, 2000; he had been the first deputy chairman of the State Customs Committee)

  • To Lithuania: Yevgeny Voitovich

  • To Malta: Natalya Drozd   (appointed: Sept. 17, 1999)

  • To Moldova: Vasily Sakovich   (appointed: Sept. 3, 1999)

  • To the Netherlands (and resident representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons): Vladimir Gerasimovich (appointed: August 11, 2000; had been: Vladimir Labunov)

  • To Poland: Nikolai Krechko   (appointed: March 31, 2000; had been: Viktor Bursky)

  • To Philippines: Pyotr Kravchenko   (appointed, Dec. 18, 1999)

  • To Romania: Grigory Kisel   (appointed, July 21, 2000; had been Anatoly Butevich)

  • To South Africa: Anatoly Akhramchuk   (presented credentials: Mar. 10, 2000)

  • To South Korea: Aleksandr Semeshko   (appointed: Oct. 8, 1999)

  • To Sweden: Oleg Yermolovich   (appointed: Sept. 3, 1999)

  • To Switzerland: Stanislav Ogurtsov

  • To Thailand and Laos: Oleg Chekunov   (appointed: Oct. 8, 1999)

  • To Turkey: Nikolai Lepeshko

  • To Ukraine: Vitaly Kurashik

  • To the United Arab Emirates: Vladimir Sulimsky   (presented credentials in UAE: May 29, 2000)

  • To the United Kingdom (Great Britain, etc.): Valery Sadokho   (appointed, July 14, 2000)   (had been, Uladzimir Matusevich)

  • To the USA & Mexico: Mikhail Khvostov (former position: Foreign Minister)   (appointed, March 21, 2003)

  • To Uruguay: Vadim Lazerko   (appointed: Jan. 24, 2000, as well as to Chile; also appointed as ambassador to Argentina--Oct. 8, 1999)

  • To Uzbekistan: Nikolai Demchuk   (appointed: March 31, 2000)

  • To Vietnam: Oleg Chekunov   (appointed, February 5, 1998; presented credentials, April 24th; Belarus' first ambassador to Vietnam. Mr Chekunkov had previously served as senior expert and trade representative in the Belarusian Trade Mission in Ho Chi Minh City [Saigon], 1993-1996)

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