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Famous Belarusians

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Performance Artists, Drama, Ballet, Musicians, Opera, etc.

  • Pictures of selected performance artists (theater, ballet, etc.) depicted on a series of pocket calendars.   Copies on this Web site.

Historical Figures

Science, Technology, Inventors, etc.

  • Ignat Ipalitavich Dameika

      Belarusian geologist and intellectual

  • Boris Kit

      Navahradak- [Novogrudok-] born academic and astronautics expert

  • Pyotr Klimuk

      First Belarusian-born Cosmonaut   (Currently, speaks out for Russian-Belarusian Union (sic) and against "nationalists")

  • Alexander Popov

      Inventor of the radio   (say the Soviets)

  • Pavel Sukhoi

      Glubokoye-born aircraft designer


  • This section of the A Belarus Miscellany Web site is a celebration of individuals who have made extraordinary accomplishments.

    These "famous Belarusians" have some sort of strong connection to Belarus and its historical geographical area--even if that "connection" is only through the accident of the location of their birth. (Note: I use the term "Belarusian Culture" in its most inclusive possible meaning.)

    Granted, some of these famous people are ethnically Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, and so forth, but their Polish, Russian, etc., biographies often refer to their having been born in Hrodna "Poland," Mensk "Russia," etc., often with never a mention of Belarus (or its rich traditions and language) in these biographies published in Poland, Russia, Lithuania, etc.

    In my opinion, one must note that these places are and always have been in the Belarusian ethnographic region (see map), yet such mention on this A Belarus Miscellany Web site has resulted in outrage on the part of at least several (myopic) Polish and especially Russian/Soviet nationalists. . . . (I imagine most people do not share such chauvinist points of view.)

    Most of the famous individuals listed here, of course, do have a very strong connection to Belarusian culture and its history, and such people are celebrated on this Web site (for their specific contributions to Belarusian culture and for their contributions to humanity in general).

  • I would be shocked if some individuals did not strongly disagree with my conclusions. An honest disagreement of opinion is part of what makes the world go 'round. . . . Exclusion of others may simply be due to this being a very early beginning of a work in progress. . . .

  • Also see the Famous Belarusians sections on the following Web sites:

    (Note that on some of these Web sites, many of the spellings are transliterated from Belarusian or Russian, and that the expression "Famous Belarusians" is used in a very loose, inclusive sense--as I do here.

  • Also see the section Articles about Famous Belarusians   (Especially about notables in contemporary Belarusian culture.)

  • Please contact me for corrections, additions, etc.

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