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State-Supported, Post-Secondary Education and Research

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  • Academy of Economic Studies
      Anyone have info?

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  • Belarus National Association of Teachers of English (BelNATE)

    Biannual Conference held September, 1996, Mensk, Belarus; no information, as yet, for 1998 conference. Check calendar section of this A Belarus Miscellany WWW site for latest information, or contact BelNATE (see below).

      BelNATE Conference Organising Committee
      c/o The British Council
      Ulitsa Zakharova, 21
      Mensk 220062 Belarus

      Committee member contacts:
      Yuri Stulov (17) 236-76-32 or Maya Bogova (17) 268-79-50

      Messages can be left at, FAX: (017) 236-40-47

      British Council information about Belarus

      E-Mail for British Council:

      Note: e-mail address doesn't work for me, Dec., 1996

  • Belarus State University (BSU) (Mensk)
      BSU enrolls about 15,000 students, has 13 departments and 3 scientific-research institutes (Institute of Applied Physics, Institute of Physics-Chemistry, and Institute of Nuclear problems), and has been the leading educational and scientific center in the Republic of Belarus since [Oct. 30,] 1921. Information from November, 1995

    • The Program in Economics and Management of Technology (PEMT) is a joint project of The Economics Institute of the American Economic Association, Boulder, Colorado, USA, and Belarus State University, Mensk, Belarus, with thanks to the Eurasia Foundation, Washington, DC, USA, for help.

      PEMT starts in Fall, 1996, in Mensk and offers a two-year Masters Program in Economics and Management of Technology. The purpose of the program is to provide graduate instruction to students from Belarus and other countries in order to train world-class professional economists and managers. The graduate program is intended to be very similar to those offered in American universities.

    • The National Scientific and Educational Centre of Particle and High Energy Physics   attached to the Belarusian State University, Mensk (NC PHEP BSU).

        Created by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, February 1, 1993.

        Director: Professor Nikolai M. Shumeiko

        Scientific Secretary: Natalia E. Chehlova

        M. Bogdanovich Str., 153
        Mensk 220040, Belarus

        TEL: +375 017 232-60-34

        FAX: +375 017 232-60-75

        Web site:

  • Display Technologies in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus
      The Japanese Technology Evaluation Center (JTEC) and its companion World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC) at Loyola College provide assessments of foreign research and development in selected technologies under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation (NSF). File Last Updated: Dec., 1994
        Belarus Site/Reports (4) dates of study: 1993/10/26
        • Integral, Nemiga, and Electronika
        • Planar
        • Radioengineering Institute
        • Sevtchenko Institute of Applied Problems

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  • ex-USSR Nuclear Technology and the World: Belarus
      "The ex-USSR Nuclear Technology and the World (EUNT&W) has been chartered to focus WWW information resources available on ExUSSR Nuclear Technologies, develop new info resources from off-line sources, and design creative applications from existing WWW technologies (such as the Xerox PARC Map Viewer for Soviet Pu/Weapons sites) to better disseminate the vast information available on this topic under one site."

      "EUNT&W users include national laboratories, commercial business ventures, universities, high school and college students doing reports, environmental and NGO organizations, and just about anyone with an interest in the subject. You need not be a nuclear scientist to appreciate the Net resources on plutonium, weapons designs, power plants, etc. If EUNT&W can save you time in your quest for Soviet Nuclear Technology, and enlighten you in the process, then its purpose will have been served."

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  • Gomel' Polytechnical Institute
      Department of Physics
      Research Type: Theoretical physics
      Research Programme: Phenomenology of electroweak interactions, quantum field theory, neutrino physics.
        Gomel' Polytechnical Institute
        October Avenue, 48, BY-246 746 Gomel'

        Telephone: + 7 232 481 600
        Fax: + 7 232 479 165

      Information from: CERN Directory of Research Institutes in High Energy Physics   (Switzerland)

  • IEE Belarus Centre
      "The IEE Belarus Centre started its activity in 1992. At that time there were two IEE members in Belarus (S.Demidenko and S.Ablameyko). At present (mid of 1996), the Centre has 21 IEE members."

      "The Belarusian Centre is based at the Institute of Engineering Cybernetics (IEC)."

  • International Association for Belarusian Studies (IAB)

    • Note: Refer to the Events Calendar section for information about conferences that they sponsor or in which they participate.

    • Note: Refer to the Contacts and Dialogues section for information about the new English-language version of Contacts and Dialogues (January, 2000).

    • Follow this link Kantakty i dyjalohi to go to the online, Belarusian language version; the English language version is not online, as of February, 2000).

    • "We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that we have published the materials from the International Belarusian-German round table (Belarusika/Albaruthenica 7) and a collection of articles, "Viartanne 3", which includes a portion of the materials from the International Congress of Belarusian Scholars, "Belarus Between East and West." Unfortunately, the main collection of materials from the congress (Belarusika/Albaruthenica 6), which was already edited, typeset, and proofread some time ago, is still awaiting publication for financial reasons (our potential sponsors refused to pay the cost of printing)."

      The IAB Committee
      The Skaryna Center

      Questions concerning membership in the International Association for Belarusian Studies (IAB) can be addressed to the IAB Committee at the following street and e-mail addresses:

        Belarus BY-220050
        vul. Revaliucyjnaja 15
        Natzianalni Navykova-Asvetni Tzentr imya F. Skarini

        Tel: 375 (17) 220 51 57     Tel:/Fax: 375 (17) 220 93 50

        (or by e-mail to:

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  • International Sakharov Institute of Radioecology, ISIR (Mensk)
      "We are an International Higher Education and Research establishment, located in Mensk, and are connected up to the Internet as a part of a European TEMPUS Project. Now we are happy to welcome you to our WWW pages. The   ISIR Booklet page   will guide you through the ISIR and introduce you to the friendly environment of our Institute."

      The International Sakharov Institute of Radioecology (ISIR) is based in Mensk, Belarus, and was founded in 1992 by a decree of the Belarus Government.

      The Institute commemorates the name of Andrei Sakharov according to a resolution passed at the 1991 Sakharov Commemoration Congress in Moscow.

    • Mission of ISIR     The mission of ISIR which is embodied in the founding decree of the Institute is to:
      • Prepare specialists, qualified at degree or post-graduate level, to work towards the prevention and mitigation of radiation accidents
      • Disseminate knowledge of radiation safety, including providing support of public information programmes
      • Research into problems associated with the Chernobyl accident
      • Establish international cooperation in the field of Radioecology

      The Institute acts under the guidance of the Advisory Committee chaired by Prof. Richard Wilson of Harvard University (USA).

      Andrei Sakharov Foundation Web site Information about the Sakharov Institute of Radioecology (Mensk) from the US Sakharov Foundation Web site

  • Linguistics, Speech Recognition, Semantics, etc., Studies Information about these fields of study at various universities and institutes in Mensk; info is at a site in the UK. Fact sheets include summary, address, and contact person info for each of the following:
    • Speech Synthesis and Recognition Laboratory, Institute of Technical Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences, Mensk
    • Laboratory of Intellectual Information Systems, Dept of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Belarus State University, Mensk
    • Department of Information Science and Applied Linguistics, Mensk Linguistic University, Mensk
    • Research Center "Semantics," Mensk Linguistic University, Mensk

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  • Mensk State Linguistic University
      "Founded as a state higher educational establishment with a two-fold mission of teaching and research. Over the years, the University has earned a reputation as the major institution for studying foreign languages in the Republic of Belarus."

      Mensk State Linguistic University enrolls more than 3,000 students in the bachelor's and master's degrees and related programs, in 7 fields of specialization. The faculty is well qualified, with over seventy-five percent having earned doctorates. The University is organized into seven Departments: English, German, French, Spanish, Interpreting and Translation, Russian for Foreign Citizens, and West European Languages."

      The quality of life of the University community is rather high because of the mild climate; the relatively low housing and other living costs in the city of Mensk; and the quick access to cultural, educational, and recreational resources."
      File Last Updated: January 17,1996

  • Novopolatsk (Polatsk) State University



      Полоцкий государственный университет (ПГУ)
      г.Новополоцк, ул. Блохина, 29
      211440, Республика Беларусь, Витебская обл.

      Tel: 375 (02144) 5-21-61

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