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Books about Mensk (Minsk, Miensk), Belarus

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Also refer to the Books about the History of Belarus Web page, and especially Belarus: At a Crossroads in History, for broader discussions. Most books about the history of Belarus include significant information about Mensk.

Note:: The current "correct" spelling of the name of the capital of Belarus is no less confusing than the other very confusing issues regarding language and Belarus. The spelling most often used today, Minsk, is a Russified spelling of the historical Belarusian name Mensk. Indicating the proper pronunciation in English is difficult (especially since there are so many kinds of English), and the spelling Miensk is sometimes used as well.

Minsk: A Historical Guide, (and Short Administrative, Professional and Commercial Directory); Guy de Picarda; Technalohija Publishers, Mensk & London; 1993, 1994; 250 pages. Call Number: DK507.924 .P522 1994.

Minsk: Ha Stariikh Pashtowkakh, compiled by and author of text, Tzelesh, V. M.; Mensk; Belarus' Publishers, 1984; 128 pages; no ISBN; Print Run: 26,500.

Minsk: Staronki Zhitztzya Darevalytzinaha Horada, by Shibeka, Z. V., & S. F. Shibeka; Mensk; Polimya Publishers, 1994; 344 pages; ISBN: 5-345-00613-X; Print Run: 15,000.

The Jews of Moscow, Kiev and Minsk: Identity, Antisemitism, Emigration. by Brym, Robert J. with Ryvkina, Rozalina. Washington Square, NY: New York UP. 1994. Hardcover, 14.5 cm x 22.25 cm. 141 pp.

Minsk Ghetto, by Hersh Smolar; Max Rosenfeld (Translator); Publisher: US Holocaust Library; January, 1989. 175 pages; ISBN 0-896-04068-2 (hardcover). Call Number: DS135.R93 M5913 1989.

See also the entry for Kurapaty: Articles, Comments, and Photographs, in the History book section.

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