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Belarusian Language Study & Reference Books for English Speakers

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Angla-Belaruski Slaunik Frazealagizmau Paraunal'haha Typu: English-Byelorussian Dictionary of Comparative Phraseological Units, by L. D. Krosak, and L. S. Martinovich; Mensk, Visheushaya Shkola Publishers, 1984; ISBN: (none); Print Run: 500. 124 pp.

Byelorussian-English; English Byelorussian Dictionary, by Alexanker Ushkevich and Alexandra Zezulin, Hippocrene Books, New York, 1992 [290 pp; 4.25" x 7"; 11 cm x 18.5 cm].

Conversational Belarusian for English-Speaking Students, by George Stankievich, Belarusian Review, Prague, 2001; 2002 [104 pp; format: 1/2 size sheet, either from letter or A4 format].

English-Belarusian-Russian Dictionary, edited by Susha, T. M., Shchuka, A. K., with assistance of P. J. Mayo, 350 pages; Visheushaya Shkola Publishers, Mensk, 1995, ISBN 985-06-0073-X.

English-Byelorussian; Byelorussian-English Dictionary, by John Piatrousky (Yanka Pyatrovski), Lind on Dynaem, Austria, 1946; reprinted by Technalohija, Miensk, 1993, [170 pp; 5.5" x 8.25"; 14 cm x 21.5 cm]. Call Number: PG 2834 P53 1993.

English-Russian-Belarusian Dictionary for a Manager, by Dubovnik, E. E., 320 pages; Visheushaya Shkola Publishers, Mensk, 1996, ISBN 985-06-0027-6.

Fundamental Byelorussian, Books 1 & 2, by Pashkievich, Valentina, Byelorussian-Canadian Coordinating Committee, Toronto, Canada, 1974 (Book 1) & 1978 (Book 2).

A Grammar of Byelorussian, Peter J. Mayo; Published by the Anglo-Belarusian Society in association with the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies, University of Sheffield, 1976; [15 cm by 20 cm, 8" by 11.5", 66 pages]; Call Number: 491.79982 M454G

A Historical Phonology of the Belorussian Language, Paul Wexler; part of the Historical Phonology of the Slavic Languages series, edited by George Y. Shevelov, Vol. 3, Belorussian, Heidelberg, 1977, Carl Winter, Universitätsverlag, ISBN 3-533-02575-6; ISBN 3-533-02576-4; Call Number: PG2833.8 W4 1977

LEARN BELARUSIAN sleep learn, James H. Schmelter; CD-ROM; 2001.

Parlons Bielorussien: Langue et culture. Virginie Symaniec et Alexandra Goujon. Editeur L'Harmattan, (180F, 384p.+ K7 ࠷8F) ISBN:2-7384-5844-0.

  • Pour la premicre fois, un livre concernant la langue et la culture biélorussiennes paraît en français. Une présentation générale et des articles sur l'histoire permettent de faire connaissance avec ce pays méconnu. Cet ouvrage allie ŕ la fois les aspects linguistiques et littéraires de cette culture en proposant guide de conversation, grammaire, lexique ainsi que des extraits de počmes et oeuvres en prose traduites en français.
  • For additional information, go to Ordering information (in French) is available at:

  • Go to the following link for information related to Belarusians and France.
[ Book Cover: Parlons Bielorussien ]

Proverbia et Dicta: Shastzimownii Slownik Prikazak, Primabak i Krilatikh Slow; edited by Hancharovaow, N. A.; Mensk, Universitetzkaye Publishers (International Center of Book Culture), 1993; ISBN: 5-7855-0639-4; Print Run: 25,000. [256 pp; 5" x 8"; 12.5 cm x 20 cm]

Testament to Ruthenian: A Linguistic Analysis of the Smotryc'kyj Variant, Stefan M. Pugh; Distributed by the Harvard University Press for the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute; Harvard Series in Ukrainian Studies, 1996; ISBN 0-916458-75-X; Call Number: PG 3884 .P84 1996.

Sample Belarusian-English Phrase Book, by Uladzimir Katkouski, 2001; [20 pp.; (incomplete) 8.5" x 11" page size].

The Vocabulary of the Byelorussian Literary Language in the Nineteenth Century, by McMillin, Arnold B., The Anglo-Byelorussian Society, London, 1973, [ no ISBN or LofC #s]; 336 pages.

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