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Belarusian Music - Recordings

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Music Recordings Produced in Belarus: Although most of the recordings made related to Belarusian music and spoken word (especially in Belarusian) are on cassette, more and more are now available on audio CD, including some non-commercially produced (that is, reproduced on a computer CD-R drive). Regrettably, the audio production (that is consistent audio level, clarity, channel balance, etc.) at times is not up to international standards.

Specific caveat about Belarusian-produced cassettes: They are often very good recordings, yet the (physical) tape material and cassette itself may be of poorer quality than you are used to. Also, I have never seen those little plastic tabs broken out--that protect against accidental erasure--nor does the cassette itself have a label affixed to either side. However, the audio cassettes may be the only format in which the particular recording is available. They are very inexpensive, as are Belarusian-produced CDs--if you can find the latter.

This situation will improve (and the prices will go up), as Belarus increases its participation in international intellectual property right protection agreements--which they have announced they would (early 1998).

Unless noted otherwise in the following, all singing (and/or speaking) is done in Belarusian (and more than likely, it is the Soviet, Russified Narkomovka variant).

Audio cassettes, videotapes (European format), and CDs (very limited selection) related to Belarusian culture are most easily found at the TBM Bookstore (on ul. Lenina) and TBM Bookstore (on ul. Lenina), in 2002. Although CD albums of groups such as Palatz and Troitza can sometimes be found at the CD and audio kiosks in the department stores, such items are not reliably located elsewhere in Miensk.

Audio Cassette Producer: Almost all of the audio cassettes related to Belarusian culture are produced by one firm (note that the address is that of the Philharmonic Hall). So rather than repeat the contact information 20 times, here it is once:

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