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Other Sources of Information and Discussion on the Internet

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Although much older than Web sites, e-mail lists and newsgroups are still very popular as sources of information and discussion on the Internet. As in other aspects of social interaction, there are guidelines on the Internet to help us fit in more easily. The following guidelines should be helpful for both usenet newsgroups and Internet e-mail lists.

Usenet Newsgroups (Netnews)

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soc.culture.belarus (moderated)

Internet Discussion (E-Mail) Lists

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This list is intended to give the Internet newcomer a sample of the nature and range of e-mail lists that might possibly be related to Belarus, and include a range of topics, both secular and religious. No attempt has been made at completeness. Some of these lists may be defunct. Note that there is only one list dedicated to discussing all topics related to Belarus. Info about Belarus e-mail list

Note that there are usually two different e-mail addresses for every mailing list: one in order to subscribe, the other to post messages to the group members. If you have more information about these or other e-mail lists, please contact me.

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The Belarus Discussion (Internet E-Mail) List

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The Belarus discussion (e-mail) list began in January, 1996, and shut down in February, 2008. The following explains how to participate in the only e-mail discussion group dedicated to discussing all issues related to Belarus, its language, culture, politics, etc. Please note, this discussion (e-mail) list is un-moderated: Your submissions go directly to all of the list membership (usually approximately 100 to 200 subscribers).

Note: Information about how to subscribe, unsubscribe, the welcome file and charter information, and so forth, were removed from this Web site in February, 2008. As the Internet and people's interests changed (and possibly due to the lack of change in Belarus), the Belarus discussion list no longer served a purpose. There are many, many more places to go to on the Internet in 2008 than there were in 1996, so no one should have any difficulty learning about and discussing issues about Belarus.

Click here for further background information about the Belarus forums on the Internet, and about discussion lists and usenet newsgroups in general.

"Chat" Forums -- Web-Based and IRC

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Two types of real-time, public, interactive "chat" discussion forums have begun and prospered in the last several years, and a few "channels" are specific to Belarus. I only have a minimum of information at this point and welcome additions and corrections.

Both of these discussion methods require real-time connection to the Internet, such as PPP/SLIP or through a network connection (such as at a higher education institution or your place of employment). "Chat" is a bit misleading of a term since the people participating type their comments to one another (and to any others on the channel); there is no talking.

How it works: After installing and running special software--or by accessing a special area of a Web site--participants view a list of who the others are online (often people use aliases), and type in their messages, interspersed with the messages of the other participants. Usually, people pre-arrange a time to "meet" on the Internet for these real-time discussions.

The two public forums currently are:

There is a third type of chat available on some of the larger commercial Internet providers, such as America Online (AOL), the Microsoft Network (MSN), Prodigy, Compuserve, and others.

"Teleconferencing" and such things as Internet telephone are becoming more of a real possibility where there is very good Internet bandwidth. These are technologies where you really "chat" and may even be able to see one another. Other developments are occurring in this area as well (e.g., where the user is represented by an animated character on the screen).

Before You Send Your Money to Anyone. . . .

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If You Would Like to Contact Me. . . .

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Please contact me for any additions, corrections, updates, suggestions, and so forth, for the A Belarus Miscellany Web site. Interest in Belarus is expanding rapidly and thus the information available is as well:

I especially encourage you to visit the many other Belarus-related Web sites, as well as use the WWW search tools. No one Web site contains all of the information that you seek.

If you are interested, the following link is to a collection of my personal thoughts about the state of Belarusian culture and identity today. (I represent no organization.)

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