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As far as I know, only a few of the following Web sites are "official" Republic of Belarus sites, and most of those are academic institutions.

The overwhelming majority of the information about Belarus is presented through personal volunteer efforts. Some of these people emphasize the subjective nature of their Web pages (that is, they state that their Web pages represent their own personal points of view only).

In order to view these sites, you need access to the Internet (either through a direct network connection-at a company or university, for example, or through a dial-up connection-such as a SLIP/PPP account.

If you don't have access through a corporate or educational network or through a SLIP/PPP dial-up account, you can still access the text-only component of Web sites through the use of a text-based browser, such as Lynx. Of course, you will be missing all of the color, sound pictures, etc., if you do so. But, this is a way to access Web pages with only an online, internet e-mail account.

Searching the Web

The power, and sometimes a shortcoming, of online information is the rapid pace at which it can be changed (updated, added to, corrected, etc.). Whether or not time-sensitive information is actually updated on a Web site is an issue that I will not address here.

The following are links to several out of the many search tools available to locate information on the Web. Since information is being updated constantly, particularly regarding Belarus as this topic is fairly new to the Web, I strongly recommend at least occasionally using search tools.

Search Engines do not all use the same search techniques nor do they update their information on the same intervals. Each search engine will give you different results. Try more than one of the following (or other search engines that you have found useful).

In addition,  DejaNews   is a full-text, search tool for searching the content of recent usenet newsgroup postings.

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