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Who's Who in Belarus

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  • This section of the A Belarus Miscellany Web site lists those people who are currently involved in making Belarus what it is today -- whether that's positive or not.

  • Note 1: In addition to the President of Belarus, links to Other Officials of the Government of Belarus are included here.

  • Note 2: Also refer to the link to the following Who's Who in Belarus Web page Human Rights Institute: Russia - Belarus.   (1999; mostly Russian but some Belarusian & English)

  • Yury Bandazhevsky

      Former rector of the Homel (Gomel) State Medical Institute, accused on July 13, 1999, of taking bribes (along with 17 colleagues). Dr. Bandazhevsky had conducted research into the effects of radiation doses on children's health and drew an important conclusion that a cesium-137 dose above 50 Bq per kilogram of a child's weight causes serious pathologies. Mr. Bandazhevsky's research showed a direct effect of radiation doses on children's health. The case against Dr. Bandazhevsky is believed by some to have a political background, as Dr. Bandazhevsky used to criticize the government for neglecting Chornobyl (Chernobyl) problems. Dr. Bandazhevsky was dismissed as rector on July 30, 1999 by the Belarusian Health Minister, Igor Zelenkevich.

  • Andrey Klimau (Andrei Klimov)

    • A member of the 13th Supreme Soviet, and a member of the opposition. Mr. Klimov faces charges of embezzlement and business irregularities, while his supporters say that his prosecution is politically motivated.

  • Vasily Leonov

      Ex-Minister of Agriculture, accused and imprisoned (and released) for large-scale embezzlement and bribetaking.

  • Web Sites about the Authoritarian Ruler of Belarus: Aleksandr G. Lukashenka

      Note: Mr. Lukashenka was elected in 1994 as Belarus' first democratically elected president. In 1995 and 1996 he committed acts which destroyed all democratic aspects of the constitution and extended his powers as absolute ruler (some commentators have referred to these actions as a "bloodless coup"). Although he continues to maintain total control over Belarus, his term of office as a democratically elected president ended in July, 1999.   (Mr. Lukashenka was born on August 30, 1954.)

    • Official President of Belarus Web site

    • Additional information about office holders in the government of Belarus at this A Belarus Miscellany Web site.

    • Aleksandr Grigorovich Lukashenko -- this UN Web site includes brief biographical data about the current President of Belarus
        The brief biographical data information gives some insight into this politician. Part of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Belarus to the United Nations Web site.

        Note: This UN Web page was last revised in August, 1996, prior to the Referendum of November, 1996. Also be warned that this UN Web page is one long document; be patient while it loads.

    • Essay: Lukashenka: Following in Saddam Hussein's Footsteps?

  • Mikhail Pastukhov

    • Professor of Law at an independent university in Belarus. He is also the director of the Media Protection Center at the Belarusian Association of Journalists. From 1992 to 1994, Prof. Pastukhov participated in a working group on the creation of the 1994 Belarus Constitution, the concept of court reform in Belarus, and the bill on the Constitutional Court. In 1998, Prof. Pastukhov was awarded the joint U.S. Government and European Union's Democracy and Civil Society Award in recognition of his achievements in promoting democratic values and a civil society.

    • See information about him on the ILHR Web site (International League for Human Rights)

  • Zyanon Pazniak -- at the Kurapaty information site

      The information at this site is not completely up to date nor very detailed but does give a brief biographical sketch of Sp. Pazniak up through mid-1996.

      In 1996, Sp. Pazniak received political asylum in the U.S. (something quite rare in this post-USSR era, and very descriptive of the current "situation" in Belarus).

      For those not familiar with Sp. Pazniak, he was the archeologist who researched the Kurapaty massacre site, and this work led to the establishment of the Belarus Popular Front (BPF), and his candidacy for president of Belarus in 1995.

      See also his comments about Belarus Government Shake Up (November, 2000).

      The leader of the other main faction of the BPF is Vintsuk Vyachorka.

  • Semyon (Syamyon) Sharetsky

      Speaker of the 13th Supreme Soviet, and considered by many countries and international organizations to be the current democratically elected leader of the Republic of Belarus [July, 1999 -- 2000].

  • Vasily Starovoitov

      Former Chairman of the Rassvet agricultural joint-stock company and WWII Veteran. While on Kebich's presidential campaign team in 1994, called for voting against Mr. Lukashenka, and was later charged and tried with corruption in 1998-99.

  • Vera Stremkovskaya

    • Belarusian lawyer who has received human rights awards from international organizations for her work. Also president of Mensk's Human Rights Center.

    • See information about her on the ILHR Web site (International League for Human Rights)

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