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Fee Structure & Subscription Details for the BelaPAN News Service

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From: "BelaPAN"   (See new e-mail address, below)
Subject: BELAPAN

Dzyakuy za uwagu da pracy naszay infarmacyynay kampanii. Pawiedamlyaem Vam pra tyya infarmacyynyya i analitycznyya pradukty, yakiya wyrablyae BelaPAN, i koshty padpiski na ih. Prauda, kanczatkovyya koshty buduc zalezhac ad tago, yakim czynam zbiraecesya Vy jaje atrymlivac'.

Z pavahay,

Ales Lipai, generalny dyrektar kampanii BelaPAN

Dear Sirs,

The BelaPAN Information Company wants to offer you a way of getting the critical news your company needs to do business in the rapidly changing economic, political and social climate in Belarus. We

The BelaPAN Information Company is the leading independent, non-partisan, non-government news agency in Belarus. We specialize in "hot" information about events in Belarus and publish our reports in

Among the subscribers are very influential publications, radio and television companies in the U.S., Germany, the U.K., Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states, Poland, Austria and Belarus; diplomatic re

BelaPAN fills a significant gap in the information available about developments in Belarus, because the Western media traditionally pay scant attention to events in the country. We will exert every

BelaPAN produces daily newscasts four-five times per working day and at least one newscast on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, containing the most important political, economic and social news of the Republic of Belarus.

Those clients who do not need to be so intensively informed are offered one summarized daily news bulletin (Highlights of the Day) or one summarized weekly news bulletin (Higlights of the Week), sen

You can receive our newscasts by E-mail or by fax, and you can subscribe any time.

The Analytical Bulletin is another product of BelaPAN Co. It is a weekly report containing analytical articles about the main events of the week; commentary by well-known economists, politicians and

One of the BelaPAN products is "Belarusian Economic Review", a periodical published twice a week. Its editors are guided by the following principles.

Objectivity It is of a special meaning in the country where almost all media outlets are under the government's control. Promptness It has become possible because our correspondents closely follow the rule: today about today, and tomorrow just about last night's events.

First-hand Information. For instance, in the analytical section we give preference to reliable authorities in one or another field, including high-ranking state officials, influential opposition poli BER is published in Russian. It is distributed to our subscribers by E-mail or by courier. You can subscribe any time by signing a contract.

In addition, BelaPAN offers a number of specialised products such as weekly Military Review and News of Belarusian Science, as well as Aviation Review which is published two times a month. BelaPAN can also offer the Monitoring of Belarusian Newspapers on subjects of interest to you. This service consists of the daily delivery of copies of articles published in newspapers and reports b

BelaPAN Co has its own sociological service, Zerkalo, which means mirror. It carries out sociological surveys in Belarus such as a recent survey for the United Nations. In the structure of the BelaPAN structure there is an advertising agency and publishing service.

To subscribe, please contact us at:

BelaPAN Information Company
Room 504, 24 Surganov St.,
Mensk 220012, Republic of Belarus

Note: Telephone & fax numbers and e-mail address updated: February, 1999

Tel: 375 (17) 232 75 48
Fax: 375 (17) 232 56 57

New E-mail Address:

Old E-mail Address:

Alyes Lipay, General Director of BelaPAN Co

Note: Subscription prices of BelaPAN products in US Dollars per month

BelaPAN Fees as of Oct., 1997 If you subscribe for
Service 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Daily Newscasts
(four-five times a day)
400 380 350 320
Highlights of the Day
(summarized daily news bulletin)
300 280 250 220
Highlights of the Week
(summarized weekly news bulletin)
200 185 170 150
The Analytical Bulletin 270 250 230 200
The Belarusian
Economic Review
300 285 270 250
The Military Review 300 285 270 250
News of Belarusian Science 270 250 230 200
The Aviation Review 170 150 130 100
The Monitoring of
Belarusian Newspapers:
Daily 699 670 650 599
including a summary
in English
1199 1149 1099 999
Weekly 299 270 250 199
including a summary
in English
499 470 450 399

Note: The costs of transmission by E-mail are included, the costs of transmission by fax to areas outside Mensk are covered by subscribers.

If you subscribe to both the Analytical Bulletin and the daily newscasts, you receive a 10-percent discount on the total price. You can receive samples of these products by E-mail if you contact Bel

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