Belaruskiia Pismenniki na Emihratsyi
Belarusian Writers Abroad

  Belarusian emigre literature also consists mainly of poetry. The most considerable poetess, Natallia Arsenneva (b.1903), now lives in the United States, but in fact produced most of her work before emigrating. Of the other dozen or so living  poets Ryhor Krusyna (b.1907), Masiej Siadniou (b.1915) and Ales Salavej (b.1922) present a modicum of interest. Emigre prose literature consists almost entirely of short stories. Vasil Biryc (b.1909) and Piotra Syc (1912-64) are minor figures, as is the more prolific Uladzimir Hlybinny (pseudonym of V. Siadura, b.1910) a collection of whose prose was published by himself in 1964 under the title On Shores beneath the Sun (Na berahoch pad soncam). Jurka Vicbich (pseudonym of Jury Stukalich, 1905-1975), who wrote his first story in 1929 and belonged to ??Uzvyshsha?? before emigrating to the United States, is a more interesting figure. Some of his emigre writings are collected in The Nioman Flows from beneath the Holy Mountain (Plyve z-pad sviatoe hary Nioman. Munich, 1956), but many other works are scattered in often inaccessible periodicals. Whilst still in Belarus, however, he earned the praise of such diverse writers as Carot, Corny, Dubouka and Pusca, and, indeed, his stories, sketches and lyrical impressions not only show a rich command of literary Belarusian and sensitive psychological perceptiveness, but also reveal a deeply religious, patriotic nature.

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Mikola Celesh
Uladzimir Dudzicki
Janka Juknavets
Barys Rahulia
Jurka Vicbich

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