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Vasil' Uladzimiravič Bykaŭ

Васіль Уладзіміравіч Быкаў;
name also spelled (from Russian): Bykov; Vasil' Bykaw

Fiction Writer

(he's often referred to as "the conscience of the nation")

(June 19, 1924 -- June 22, 2003)

[ Photograph: Vasil Bykau, 1998 ]

Photo Credit: Сьцяна (The Wall), A collection of short stories
(in Belarusian) by Vasil' Bykaŭ, Nasha Niva, Mensk (1998); frontispiece.

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See collection of news articles about Vasil' Bykaŭ on this Web site. In addition to being the greatest modern Belarusian writer, Sp. Bykaŭ is one of the most responsible international spokespeople for Belarus today.


Biographical Sketch

Vasil' Bykaŭ is one of Belarus' (& the world's) greatest writers, and certainly one of the best known.

He has also been an active spokesperson for Belarusian democratic, human rights, cultural, and linguistic identity, which has gotten him into trouble with the regime ruling Belarus. Those interests were also the cause of his exile from Belarus, and interfered with his ability to publish there.

He has received many international prizes, including the Soviet & Belarusian: "Order of the Red Labor Banner" (1974), "People's Writer," BSSR (1980), "Hero of Soviet Labor" (1984), "Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st Degree (1985), "Order of the Friendship Between Peoples" (1994), Russia's "Order of Friendship" (Nov. 13, 1997), Italy's "San-Valentino International Golden Prize" (1998), & Russia's top independent literary prize, Triumph (1999), etc.

As of 1989, his book-length works have been translated into dozens of languages, totalling over 150 works for a total of approximately 14 million copies.

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Biographical Sketch in Belarusian

Васіль Уладзіміравіч Быкаў нарадзіўся 19.6.1924 г. у вёсцы Бычкі Ушацкага раёна Віцебскай вобласці ў сялянскай сям'і. Вучыўся на скульптурным аддзяленні Віцебскага мастацкага вучылішча. Скончыў экстэрнам Кубліцкую сярэднюю школу. У пачатку Вялікай Айчыннай вайны ў складзе інжынернага батальёна ўдзельнічаў у будаўніцтве абаронных збудаванняў. Са жніўня 1942 г. - курсант Саратаўскага пяхотнага вучылішча (скончыў у лістападзе 1943).

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Major Works

This section includes a table that lists his major literary works (that is, novels and novellas) in Belarusian and translations into other languages--primarily English. When available, links are provided to other pages and/or Web sites.   more. . .

News Articles about Vasil' Bykaŭ

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Other Information in Print and on the Internet

This section includes (links to) information elsewhere on the Web, primarily in English.   more. . .

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