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Writer Jakub Kolas
(Якуб Колас)
(November 3, 1882 - August 13, 1956)

(pen name of)   Kanstancin Miskievich

[ Writer Jakub Kolas ]

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Photo Credit: Detail of illustration number 17 (unnumbered page), Jakub Kolas, oil painting by Y. M. Kruger (1923), from Yakub Kolas' Image in Visual Arts [Якуб Колас: у Творчасці Мастакоў] (1982).

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From his entry in the Historical Dictionary of Belarus (Zaprudnik, 1998; pp. 135-136):

Book Cover: Symon the Musician

"Kolas graduated from the Niasvizh Teachers' Seminary (1902). He was imprisoned for three years (1908-1911) for activism in the cause of opening Belarusan schools, which had been prohibited by the tsarist government. Kolas contributed poetry and short stories to Nasha Niva, and authored two classical narrative poems, Novaya ziamla (New Land) and Symon -- muzyka (Symon the musician). In Soviet Belarus, he was active as a teacher and scholar. For his literary work, he was awarded the honorific title of People's Poet in 1926. In 1929, he was elected vice president of the Belarusan Academy of Sciences."

"Kolas' early literary works portray a stark picture of the social deprivation and economic hardship that the peasantry had to endure, but his characters are rebellious. The two narrative poems mentioned above depict daily country life in colorful detail and also reflect strivings for freedom and cultural emancipation. Novaya ziamla is justly called an encyclopedia of Belarusan life. In the latter period of his literary career, Kolas was affected by the ideological constraints of Stalinism, which damaged the artistic quality of his works and undermined their credibility. The memory of Jakub Kolas is preserved in several museums. The most comprehensive is in Mensk, where the writer spent most of his life."

(Note: In the preceding excerpt, terms in bold refer to other entries in the Historical Dictionary of Belarus. The Historical Dictionary of Belarus is an important summary of the history of Belarus.)

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