This section of the A Belarus Miscellany Web site was added in August, 2006. The Webmaster of the A Belarus Miscellany Web site had been in touch with Dz'micier Zinowjew (among many others also interested in sharing our love and interest in Belarusian culture) back in the mid-90's, but lost contact with him in the intervening years. Since I had saved copies of almost all of the files comprising Mr. Zinowjew's Belarusian Poetry Page, I thought it would be useful to place the poetry back on the Internet. Placing this material back on the Internet is intended to honor Mr. Zinowjew's work and to honor the Belarusian literature he obviously lovingly placed there.

I have left everything as much as possible as Mr. Zinowjew had created them in 1996, with the following exceptions: (1) Removed the "link exchange" link (since that no longer exists), (2) removed any links (to Web pages, e-mail addresses, etc.) that are not longer functional, (3) converted the KOI-8 Belarusian Cyrillic characters to Unicode UTF-8 (the KOI-8 does not fully support Belarusian Cyrillic, plus only Windows computer users could view the Cyrillic Belarusian poetry properly), and (4) [Not yet done: ] I converted the approximated Lacinka to actual Lacinka, since it is fully supported in UTF-8 encoding. (5) Some of the graphics images are not included, since I do not have copies of some of them.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Mr. Zinowjew, please contact me It would be wondeful to get in touch with him!




The page you are reading now may sooner or later become the first on-line anthology of old and contemporary Belarusian poetry. I will try to give both Latin (lacinka) and Cyrillic (taras^kievica in KOI-8) versions of every poem. Unfortunately, while the latter is unreadable for those who do not have Cyrillic fonts, the former is messy because standard English fonts lack necessary Belarusian characters.


Everybody who wants to contribute to this page (and hence to the Glory and Fame of Belarus) please contact Dz'micier Zinowjew, the maintainer of the page.


Other Places to Go

Vialiki Dziakuj Vam!


Славамір Генрыхавіч Адамовіч

(also Adamovich; Slavamir Adamovič; b. 1962)

Мiхал Анемпадыстаў

(Michal Aniempadystaŭ; b. 1964)

Наталля Аляксееўна Арсеньнева

(also spelled: Natalya Arsen'neva; Natalla Arsiennieva)

(1903 - 1997)

Максім Багдановіч

(Maksim Bahdanovič; 1891-1917)

Photo of Maksim Bahdanovic

Анатоль Вялюгiн

(Anatol Vialuhin; 1923-1994)

Навум Гальпяровiч

(Navum Halpiarovič; b. 1948)

Ларыса Геніюш

(also "Larysa Heniyush", and "Larisa Geniush"; Larysa Hienijuš)


Адам Глёбус

(Adam Hlobus; Adam Globus; b. 1958)

Уладзімір Сямёнавіч Караткевіч

(also, "Karatkevich"; Uladzimir Karatkievič)


Якуб Колас

(Yakub Kolas; Jakub Kolas; 1882-1956)

Рыгор Крушына

(Ryhor Krushyna; 1907-1979)

Янка Купала

(Yanka Kupała; 1882-1942)

Сяржук Сокалаў-Воюш

(Siaržuk Sokalaŭ-Vojuš; b. 1957)

Мiкола Трафiмчук

(Mikola Trafimčuk; b. 1950)

Ян Чачот

(Jan Čačot; 1796-1847)


Page created on February 21, 1996.


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